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Shotgun/Rifle Safety Classes (Westchester County, NY)

Hello all,

I am a very new member and have been floating around for some time (without registering) reading up because this is such a male oriented site I felt a little out of place and did not want to post.

But in light the current climate with our country regarding the 2nd A. especially here in NY (with Cuomo's tirade) coupled with that infuriating map our local newspaper printed pointing the LEGAL gun permit holders (The Journal News) I don't care how uncomfortable I feel about posting or what people may think of me or the questions I ask. I need information for a novice who wants need gun knowledge now.

I am a mother of two very young children with a husband who travels extensively and feel now more than ever I need to protect my family. I am the daughter of an avid hunter so it's not like I have never handled gun before I have. I used to go target shooting with my dad to Blue Mountain. I've shot rifles, shotguns and handguns but my knowledge is very limited and what I learned long ago I more than likely forgot.

I have been thinking about obtaining a shotgun/rifle for some time now probably the last several years but did not feel a need for it since my neighbor directly across the street from me (exercised his 2nd A. right on a frequent basis) and always told me if I ever felt I was in immediate danger for me to call him first than the police since response time would be shorter.. Anyway with The Journal News putting this map online I do not feel safe in my home anymore (even with an alarm and a German shepherd) and I cannot rely solely on my neighbor or the police to be there in time and feel now is the time to start doing and not just thinking about it.

Can anyone recommend a training facility where I can go to learn about:

(1) Basic safety gun class to start with?
(2) Target lessons
(3) Learning about proper Gun/ammo storage
(4) Proper cleaning

Can anyone recommend a place where I can look at some shotguns/rifles (either Westchester, Rockland or Putnam counties would do) so I can actually take a look before I purchase after I have achieved my above goals.

Thank you for taking the time. I hope there is someone out there that can assist me.

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