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Up till the last few years, the lack of color options was mainly because of the lack of anything durable and rust resistant. That meant you either made the gun and/or parts outta materials that were resistant to rust(SS, Brass, etc) or they were blued or nickle plated. Just the technology that was out there. If you wanted your handgun not to look like everyone else's, you changed the grips. Also, because of folk's sentiment about guns and their traditional looks, paint was a definite No-No. I remember the flak I caught back in the 70s when I spray camo'ed my blued wood stocked 12 ga. for turkey huntin'. You'd had thought I raped someone's daughter. Coupla years later and they came from the factory camo painted. Same went for synthetic stocks. I remember when the ol' Remington Nylon 66s and 77s first became popular. Folks wouldn't buy them cause they looked "cheap" and there was no other options for non-wood stocks. Nowadays, most every rifle and shotgun made is available with a synthetic stock of some kind. Many of these cost more than wood. With today's modern finishes and metallurgy color option are limitless and gun owners negative sentiment about non-traditional lookin' firearms is on it's way out. For me, I prefer stainless and matte black.
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