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I remember during the Clinton AWB era buying and getting rid of two 15-round capable, but only 10-round permissable 9mm pistols for that very reason.

I liked my Browning BDM and sigpro 2009, but for me they were too big to be neutered like that, when equivalent sized .40 caliber pistols were available. I like the .40, some don't.

Here years later i bought the SP2022 because this time I could get 15 rounders. The BDM is no longer, so couldn't redo that one.

So I think it can be a factor.

One saving grace is that there are a whole lot more "CCW friendly" sized 9mm pistols available now that already fall into the sub 10 round range that are already highly popular.

I'm happy with my 7-round 9mms, a Nano and a P290RS.

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