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I agree, and in a long round about paragraph I said the same as you did, that he has a right to say it and you have a right to your own stance on it.... I'm just tired of everyone calling everyone a nut for having a outspoken opinion..

I think we all as a society could be more constructive in listening than discrediting. I think people fear they stand alone in these times of upheaval and uncertainty. I have next door neighbors, I will disagree with strongly until the day I'm worm food, and yet I am neighborly too them and warm with them even if I make it known I disagree with them.

I think many gun owners feel they stand alone against this tide, but we don't, we just have to reach out a little more and replace fear with unity and lack of understanding with compassion, knowledge and friendship. We also have to have the strength of conviction to stand and say what we believe even if others strongly disagree. People have to be able to voice their anger without retribution.

I did not mean to be critical of you. I should have maybe been more clear in generalizing.
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