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If universal BG checks are the only thing...

...I could live with it. There are ways of implementing a program like this that could work, maybe. Where I draw the line is banning anything that a sane, law abiding citizen wants to own. Even this could be tweaked around the edges by requiring a BG check for purchasing magazines with a capacity of over 10 rounds, just don't ban high capacity magazines.
While we do need to keep firearms out of the hands of lunatics and criminals, what we don't need is an idiotic AWB like the previous one. Write your senators and representatives as well as the White House and do it now. I have done and doubled down on the White House by not only writing but calling. Of course I only talked to a volunteer but I let my views be known. I had to wait less than 4 minutes to talk to a real person. Please be polite and respectful and don't threaten an armed insurrection!
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