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I too saw the title and thought of Jack O'Connor's "The Rifleman's Rifle" (the Winchester model 70 in .270 with a 4X scope). I guess anyone who knows who he was, or read his articles in Outdoor Life and his books, most likely has more gray hair than I.

Although I prefer the Remington 721 / 700 in .270, Jack was correct. A good quality bolt action with a decent 4X scope in .270 Winchester is pretty hard to beat. Woodchucks to Moose, the 130 or 150 grain .270 will handle them all, while shooting flat and not busting up your shoulder and cheekbone.

I have owned and hunted with many bolt .270's...Howa, Winchesters, Savages, etc., but for me, the Remington 700 BDL is the best.

But I doubt the Rifleman could shoot it anywhere fast enough to look even half as cool as the opening of "The Rifleman" TV show.

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