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The OP's question cannot be fully answered with 100% accuracy
Of course, it can. As already noted, it was a Yes/NO question.

I never said a .22 and a .45 is a one shot bear stopper? Saying it HAS happened before in the past does NOT mean I said it will do it everytime, where do you guys get that idea?
By inference based on your repeated comments about that the .22 has dropped bears with one shot and about how bears are not bullet proof. Make those comments in a discussion wherein the bears in question are almost certainly going to be charging and the inference is straight forward.....if you didn't mean for those comments to be understood that way, then your original response was gratuitous.

A 9 year old girl took a bear that big? Pretty impressive. But that's kinda more proof they are t bullet proof.
I meant to ask earlier...sorry for my late response...What does the age of the girl have to do with bears not being bullet proof. Perhaps I should make a statement as opposed to the question....the age of the girl has nothing to do with how hard or easy it is to kill a bear (in a hunt, btw).
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