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Pic please? (not cause I don't know what it looks like...I just like seeing other peoples carry guns..the wear..etc)
I don't have any pictures. I have two Kydex holsters. One OWB and one IWB.

I like the OWB better and carry at 4 o'clock with an untucked oversize shirt.

My son carries the same gun in a leather holster and tucks his shirt over the gun so a lot of shirt is hanging over the gun. He is as skinny as a rail and you just don't know that he is packing. I don't think I am fooling anyone but my gun is not obvious.

The G21 mags will fit. I just stick with the factory 10 round mags. I shoot mostly any factory 230 gr. ball in it but I carry 230 gr. HP ( Winchester I think ) when I go out.

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