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Senators Up For Re-Election in 2014

The following is a list of Senators who are up for reelection in 2014. Where I have knowledge of a Senator's current stance on gun control, I have added that information. If you have received a letter from a Senator on this list expressing support, partial opposition or opposition to additional gun control, please share that informaton with us and I will update the original post to reflect that. This post is not intended to advocate for or against a party in a political fashion but rather just to let Second Amendment minded voters see who is walking the walk. As you can see, the antis are bipartisan in nature.

Alabama - Jeff Sessions (R) - Pro-Second. No current statement found.
Arkansas - Mark Pryor (D) - Gave vague non-answer when recently questioned
Colorado - Mark Udall (D) - SUPPORTS GUN CONTROL
Delaware - Chris Coons (D) - NRA F rating. No current statement found.
Georgia - Saxby Chambliss (R) - Gave vague non-answer in response to pro-2A letter
Hawaii - Brian Schatz (D) - No current statement found
Idaho - Jim Risch (R) - NRA A+ rating. No current statement found.
Illinois - Richard Durbin (D) - SUPPORTS GUN CONTROL
Iowa - Tom Harkin (D) - SUPPORTS GUN CONTROL
Kansas - Pat Roberts (R) - Gave vague non-answer in response to pro-2A letter
Kentucky - Mitch McConnell (R) - Gun control takes a back seat to spending issues
Louisiana - Mary Landrieu (D) - Suggested support for expanding NICS in response to pro-2A letter
Maine - Susan Collins (R) - Supported past AWBs and gave vague statement supporting more gun control
Massachusetts - John Kerry (D) - SUPPORTS GUN CONTROL
Michigan - Carl Levin (D) - SUPPORTS GUN CONTROL
Minnesota - Al Franken (D) - Has supported gun control; but dodged question when asked about more gun control
Mississippi - Thad Cochran (R) - NRA A-rated. No current statement found.
Montana - Max Baucus (D) - We must bring ourselves together for an honest national conversation about every aspect in this terrible attack from assault weapons to the media’s coverage of these events to how we address mental illness
Nebraska - Mike Johanns (R) - SUPPORTS SECOND AMENDMENT
New Hampshire - Jeanne Shaheen (D) - SUPPORTS GUN CONTROL
New Jersey - Frank Lautenberg (D) - SUPPORTS GUN CONTROL or Cory Booker (D) - Supports Registration
New Mexico - Tom Udall (D) - Gave vague non-answer to reporter
North Carolina - Kay Hagan (D) - Supported AWB in 2009 but gave non-commital vague answer to reporter
Oklahoma - Jim Inhofe (R) - NRA A+ rating. No current statement found.
Oregon - Jeff Merkley (D) - Seeking to end filibuster in Senate. Some past gun control support. No current statement found.
Rhode Island - Jack Reed (D) - SUPPORTS GUN CONTROL
South Carolina - Lindsey Graham (R) - SUPPORTS SECOND AMENDMENT
South Carolina (special to replace Jim DeMint) - Tim Scott (R) - SUPPORTS SECOND AMENDMENT
South Dakota - Tim Johnson (D) - No current statement found
Tennessee - Lamar Alexander (R) - SUPPORTS SECOND AMENDMENT
Texas - John Cornyn (R) - NRA A rated - Gave vague non-answer to pro-2A letter
Virginia - Mark Warner (D) - Supported increased NICS checks in recent response letter
West Virginia - OPEN SEAT (Jay Rockefeller retiring)

The guys giving vague answers on either side need to hear from us. They are wobbly and waiting for direction. The guys opposing us vocally already need to go. We need to start planning now how to help their primary opponents and general election opponents in 2014.

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