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On your first couple of outings, you'll expect someone to yell "OHMYGODHESGOTAGUN!" at any minute. It won't happen. Pretty soon, you'll come to realize that you could carry anything up to and including the size of a moped under your coat, and nobody is likely to notice.
In the early days of Nebraska's CCW law, local ordinances prohibiting concealed weapons were not pre-empted by the new state law permitting it..... but Nebraska is an Open Carry state, with protections for the Right to Keep and Bear Arms explicitly spelled out in the State Constitution ..... so when ever I had to venture into the local towns that prohibited CCW, I just moved the gun around to 10 o'clock crossdraw...... I found that 9 in 10 people I met were comletely oblivious, and did not even see that big black cocked and locked 1911 right up front in my belt........ and of those that did, most did not ask about it. If they did, it was either "Are you some kind of police officer?" or "Is that a real gun?", to which I'd either answer "No" or "Yes", and explain why I had the gun in the open ...... in less than a year, both town's CCW ordinances were changed to allow licensed CCW, and state preemtion followed shortly thereafter ....... though it took further legislation and threats of lawsuits to get Omaha to comply with State Law.
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