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I don't think it is off topic, Glenn. The point is these shows actively seek fringe individuals who are likely to go off on rants and make us all look bad.

Real journalists would seek people from our side who could present a rational argument in a reasonable manner, and add to the discussion. Shock journalists (Piers was a "journalist" in the way The National Enquirer is a newspaper) seek outrageous guests for entertainment value. Political media hacks seek guests who will embarrass the other side.

It is no coincidence that Piers Morgan's producers have brought in "gun guys" such as Jones and Yeager. They serve two purposes - entertainment value for ratings, and idiot value for doing a hatchet job on our side.

We need to get people like Alan Gura, Tom Selleck, and perhaps Glenn E. Meyer onto these shows, so the public does not think Jones and Yeager are truly representative.

That, to me, is exactly the topic of this thread.
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