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My dads victory model

Hello, New to the forum. My dad was a police officer from 1940 - 1968. There is a couple of S&W revolvers in the safe. One he carried after he made detective in the early 50's. The victory model 38 spl 4" was given to him by a friends wife after the friend died. It has the serial number in all the usual places and it is V2436. There is the number 1267 stamped on the bottom of the butte's frame on the left side. On the right side bottom of the butt's frame it is stamped with a H 1 and also has a very small stamp of D8 in that location also. There is a plastic plug in the lanyard hole in the butte. It has been nickeled and is excellent condition. I know the value probably drops since someone probably had it nickeled. Can I get the date or some history of this old victory model?

The other one that he carried is an old model 36 chief serial number 8404. I think that one probably was about 1952 but not sure.

Thanks Jerry
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