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Thanks for the help and advice everyone. Surely I don't want to loose too much $$$ on this trade in. If it is indeed about $125 ~ $150 per gun then I think I will pass. They are just too new to let them go for that. If that is the case then I will try to help the PF-9 to shoot a bit nicer - maybe a grip extension and recoil grip cover, or the like - and, just always be looking for the best prices on .32 acp for the P-32.

I had my eye on both the Ruger P95 and the S&W Sigma 9mm. I guess if I could trade in even up then I would probably cut my losses and go for it, but I don't think I would even get that much for my Kel Tecs.

Thanks chris in va - I'm in Ohio so I'll need to look into private sale...
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