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Archie Otto
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Thanks Beagle but I assure you I am not anywhere as skilled as the real gun builders out there.

Here are some other projects I have done. Don't look too close or you will start laughing at my hack work.

Left to right:
1898 Krag, .30-40 boyds stock and a 1903A3 barrel
1903A3 shilen barrel 6.5-284 win.
1903A3 .35 Whelen, shilen barrel richards microfit stock.
Mark X Charle Daly Zestava .30-338 WM shilem barrel medalist stock.
1929 Persian mauser .338-06 shilen barrel elkridge stock ( the dip in forend was from sanding by hand).
1938 Swedish mauser military 6.5x55 boyds stock
Type 38 arisaka .308 gunshow barrel and stock.

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