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denied renewal of FID card for shotgun

Hello,I am trying to renew my FID card, the clerk at my Police Dept stated I need to have my doctor fill out and sign a "Physician affidavit Form" because recently I was evaluated(by a Court House appointed psychiatrist ) and brought before the Judge.The reason was my 84 yr old Mother felt I was a danger to myself because I was unemployed and live alone and called the police.The psychiatrist verified I had no symptoms of depression or any mental illness.I have never been institutionalized or arrested or under anyone's care for mental illness or have a criminal background.General Law:Chapter 140 Section 129B states: (1) Any person residing or having a place of business within the jurisdiction of the licensing authority or any person residing in an area of exclusive federal jurisdiction located within a city or town may submit to the licensing authority an application for a firearm identification card, or renewal of the same, which the licensing authority shall issue, unless the applicant :has been confined to any hospital or institution for mental illness, unless the applicant submits with his application an affidavit of a registered physician attesting that such physician is familiar with the applicant's mental illness and that in such physician's opinion the applicant is not disabled by such an illness in a manner that should prevent the applicant from possessing a firearm, rifle or shotgun.My problem is as I stated earlier,I have never been hospitalized or treated,by anyone for mental illness.How can my Doctor vouch for me regarding a condition or history I never had? My doctor feels he is not a psychiatrist to make such a call even if I had a history.He also feels if I did something illegal with the shotgun(which of course I wouldn't do)he would be liable and won't sign the affidavit.What can I do if my Doctor is being irrational? The affidavit was worded in such a way your guilty of a mental illness I never had! I would hate to think I cannot have my property returned or obtain an FID card based on my Mother's untrained evaluation or a stupidly worded form. Thanks.Frank Cartwright.
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