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The .32s are great if you are a reloader, especially if you have one of the .327 fed mag guns. You can reload pipsqueak rounds or powerful rounds all using the same gun and same dies, pretty cool.

The blackhawk makes a really great hunting handgun, it is heavy though. The Blackhawk is a finely finished gun too, I thought it was better finished than the .45 colt Blackhawk I had. It had a better trigger out of the box and the grip was just right.

I thought about buying the GP100 model too, just because I had the other two Ruger versions and I thought I would round out the collection, but realized the SP model does a really great job for a defense gun and at the range, so there was no reason. If I was to get another gun in .327 federal, I would really want a lever gun (has anybody made one chambered for it yet?). A Bullberry barrel for the Contender is not out of the picture though.
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