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The whole meeting was nothing more than political thatre at its peak. The Administration already knew going in that the NRA wasn't going to play ball, that's been abundantly clear since LaPierre's press conference on Dec. 21. Likewise, the NRA already knew that the Administration was going to support gun control as the President and most of his cabinet are already known to be gun control advocates. The Administration met with the NRA so that when they support gun control they can't be accused to shutting out the NRA entirely (even though that's exactly what they're doing) and the NRA agreed to meet so that when they oppose the inevitable call for gun control they can't be accused of being too obstinate to even sit down with the Administration (even though they already knew they weren't going to support the Administration's proposals). The whole meeting was nothing more than going through the motions since both sides already had their minds made up going in.
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