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Firearm transfer wait times

I did not figure to get caught in the wave of what I thought was 'black rifle' frenzy. Already have all I want.
Knew from this site and others that .223,.308 , and .22 LR along with AWB threatened firearms were in demand, but just did realize how serious the general gun buying was.

Was at my LGS Friday at 4:00 picking up a Colt revolver that had come in for my collection.
Transfer background checks are run by the State Police here and are done on-line by my dealer.
I was number 186 in line. Two hours and twenty-one minutes later I was out the door.

The up side was that I had very pleasant, if not a tad long, conversations with the other customers waiting.
Are transfer waits like this happening everywhere or did I just pick a bad time?

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