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Hey Cajunbrass, that 2nd picture down is the one I have - NRA - commemorative or something like that. Found it used NIB and never fired. Great gun.

I think someone thought it would be really valuable someday, but truth is that there are so many of these, I think only some of the first ones ever might be worth something. Otherwise just have fun and shoot them.
That's it. William B. Ruger NRA commerative MK II. I got it for my wife for Valentines Day, several years ago. In absolutly pristine, unfired condition, they MIGHT bring a slight premium over a regular MK II, but I really doubt it. They later made a version with nice Cocobolo grips that looked even better.

Funny story. I paid $219.00 for that one, NIB at a Gander Mountain here in Fredericksburg. They had a stack of them, blowing them out for that price.

About six months later, I look in the used gun cabinet, and there is one of them. Someone had rubbed soap or something like it into the roll marks so they stood out white. Looked nice actually. It was tagged at $599.00.

I asked the clerk about it and he started telling me it was a special model, with special serial numbers, bla, bla, bla....With a grin and a wink, I told him I had one just like it I bought from this very store six months ago for about $200.00. He laughed and said "Yea, I knew you knew what it was. To tell you the truth one of the managers here bought it and paid WAY too much for it, and now he's determined to sell it for this price. We're going to lose our shirts on it."
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