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You claimed I said "anything" could take out a bear. Where did I say that?
No, the big picture that you are missing is that i said you were beating a dead horse. The fact that you are so persistent about a .22 or .45 CAN kill a bear is what's kind of ridiculous.
The OP's question cannot be fully answered with 100% accuracy
Yes it can since it asks an opinion. "Would you feel safe". Pretty easy to answer. YES/NO. He never asked if a .45 CAN kill a bear. Heck, a pocket knife CAN kill a bear, but I wouldn't feel safe with one of those as bear defense either. You also seem to get KILLING a bear and STOPPING AN ATTACKING BEAR confused. They are NOT the same thing. Can you point out an instant in which a .22 STOPPED a CHARGING bear with one shot?
I simply stated that it *COULD* work
No, you repeated over and over and over that it COULD work. In SEVEN separate posts you pointed out that a .22 COULD work. Whenever someone else said they would pick something bigger, you again argued that a .22 COULD kill a bear. We got that the first time you said it. Like I said, beating a dead horse.

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