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I start with concealable test. If it is too big or heavy I avoid it. I am not going to conceal a 50 AE Desert Eagle, or a Model 29 Smith in the Texas summers, and we do not have much of a winter here.

I look to make sure good holsters are available for it.

I make sure it is south paw friendly. (I am a lefty shooter.)

Make sure it fits my hand well enough to shoot with.

Then I take it to the range.

It should eat any ammo I feed it like a greedy pig in a trough of slop.

It should line up point of impact to point of aim out to 25 yards with the ammo I will carry in it.

If it fires 200 rounds of my practice reloads (hand loads with the bullet profile, and velocity of the carry ammo I am going to use in it.) I will carry it.

I shoot at least 1 magazine a week to keep familiar with it, and to assure that it functions as it should.
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