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I get the distinct impression, you write with a good deal of experience and expertise on these matters. So I'd like to get your opinion on something. Much has been written about the dangers of accidently running into a mama grizzly and her cubs. But isn't an old bear (regardless of gender); one that has trouble finding or catching food, and is very hungry, just as dangerous as the mama with cubs?

If I remember correctly, the bear that killed Timothy Treadwell & Amie Huguenard was an old starving male. I also recall that the search party didn't have to look for this bear. This bear actually charged the search party (at which time it was shot and killed). Because it was old and hungry, it's behavior was different than a typical grizzly. Do you think pepper spray would work on such an aggressive bear? Would this be the type of bear encounter where the campers would be better served with a shotgun?

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