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BTW, you've got load data for those?
If you mean chrono data, then no, I don't: all this is from the store website who cater for the local IPSC community.

They even stock a FN 195gr round in 7.62x39!!! Isn't that normally 123gr?! That is like a heavy .308 out of your AK/V58!! Again, a major power factor classed round.

I solved the lead bullets and glock problem. I sold the glock.
Well, it isn't a problem, really.
FMJ is normally not in short supply: it is just that my preferred shop had just had a bulk purchaser who'd wiped out their Fiocchi stock and so, at the moment I am "sans 9mm", having shot off my last boxes at the range yesterday.
I'm getting respectable results in minor classification, despite only 6 match points under my belt. But my follow-ups are slow and so, despite a majotrity of "double-alphas", my scores suffer due to my times. A major classification would help in that respect.

9mm lead is a poor choice unless you like a lot of cleaning. An aftermarket barrel, like Lone Wolf solves that issue
I clean my Glock regularly: after every range visit or match. That might mean 50 rounds or 300, but matches are about 80-90 rounds total. However, I don't see myself going to the Safety Zone after every round and furiously brushing the barrel free of fouling.

However, I would love a threaded Lone Wolf barrel. But that too is quite an expensive option and I've still not heard back from the distribution office as to who might sell them.
All the same, spending the same amount on lead ammo as I would on FMJ, and getting a L&G rifled replacement barrel costing as much if not more seems like a big commitment just to get a few more points...

Oh well...
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