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his CCW is suspended effective immediately. he also made another youtube video with his lawyer apologizing, saying he was angry, but he is a danger to nobody&would never shoot government officials or anyone.

he also has the right to review, revisit, and appeal the decision. he is doing this.

this man has been contacted and interviewed already but has said no other comments will happen except thru his lawyer. Basically: "I know all of this; I am letting my lawyer handle all comments and procedures." (paraphrase)

Before this however, he was asked why his training license is invalid. He claimed it has just expired and that is all. I believe(my memory is fuzzy though), his tactical training store permit or training is expired or not valid too. I apologize for this last part, but either way two separate things are invalid...the second being some kind of Certification(the first being his training license).

the sign on the store training/facility states as a warning and/or disclaimer that he is trained to kill and/or 'we' are trained to kill.

If you can't find relevant storeis/articles, let me know and I will post again.....

He made some other drastic statements besides what OP mentions which might lead this person not to be able to exercise his 2nd amendment rights. An example is he will shoot anyone who comes to get his guns (paraphrase)
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