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My 2 cents......

For a 30-30 carbine I prefer a Winchester model 94 built between about 1937 to sometime in the late '40's, before they shortened the forearm and before they abandoned the checkered hammer in favor of the cheaper serrated one. For a rifle version I vote for the Winchester model 55, preferably in solid frame. For those not familiar with it, the model 55 is essentially a model 94 with a short magazine, rifle length barrel, and, "shot-gun", butt-plate. As far as the Marlin 336 goes, the only ones I am attracted to are the 336T and 336 Cowboy. In any of them, my first choice for caliber is 30-30. A strong second choice is 38-55. Not much interested in 35 Remington or 25-35 or 32 Winchester Special. For pistol-caliber leverguns I like the Marlin Model '94 Cowboy. These days, I generally prefer guns that are older than me.
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