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Don't count out the Auto Ordnance 1911. People like to bash them but I think public opinion is coming around. I absolutely love mine. I won't lie I did have issues with it but it wasn't the manufacturers fault, it was where I bought it from. They were selling used range rentals as new, didn't realize it till I got it home. Sent it in, was shipped a brand new pistol and couldn't be happier. Try to take a look at an AO before you buy and see what you think, just be careful where you buy from, especially now, with the current market.

That goes for any model you decide to look at. Turns out the LGS I'm talking about was doing it with a lot of different models, not just AOs. Lesson learned, now When I shop, I ask the clerk to do a field strip. There are some unscrupulous people out there just waiting to take advantage.
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