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Today about forty rds. of Wolf 7.62x39 went through my SKS into various targets. About fifty rds. of 22LR also, and it will be mostly .22LR until events in Wash. DC become clearer in the next several weeks.
Gun control is partly a distraction.
Monstrous problems with the US deficit and borrowing ceiling are unbelievably complex. The struggles we saw in December were only the Prelude for Feb-March and later.

The ammo bubble might deflate before a leak in the 'AR price bubble' whistles like a Rolls Royce Dart engine.
Last week a "Wall Street Journal" writer stated that the anti-gunners can't even agree on a strategy, and there is some other hope, with key politicians facing mid-term elections. They are hearing from us, and want to keep their jobs.

If the only restrictions are a 10-rd. mag limit (on future mags) and better enforcement of present laws, watch a large number of ARs/AKs/VZ-58s/Minis hit the market in the next several months. Many unhappy buyers could realize the costly choices they made. Sure, it might Not happen, but imagine how much the market could be flooded-like in 2009?

The new paycheck reductions for social security, Obamacare costs etc will hit home. Small businesses are already reducing workers' hours to avoid the option of much higher health insurance costs (Obamacare). Less money pays for more ammo?

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