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I watched NY Gov Cuomos's state of the state address. He taked gun control for about 30 seconds out of an hour speech/presentation He made "7 points"

1. He want's the toughest AW laws in the nation

2. Ban on private sales from person to person. A nics check must be performed

3. Ban Hi Capacity magazines ( but does not give a number) NY is already 10 so he must mean less than 10 (maybe that's where the 7 comes in. My opinion is that all preban 1994 mags will be illegal but again he did not say it.

4. Tougher penalties on gun related crimes ( That at least is a no brainer)

5. More indepth mental health check before sale of firearm. I took that to mean days/weeks before purchasing instead of instant NICS check but again no explanation

6. No sales of ammo over the internet.

7. NICS check on ammo sales. ( No amount of ammo given or if he is limiting quanity of ammo to be allowed to be bought at one time)

That was it on guns other than his quote " I own a Remington 870 and you don't need 10 bullets to kill a deer"

What a tool!!! I wrote him a scathing email so if you don't hear from me for awhile I'm probably in custody.
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