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Originally Posted by locnload
It seems the original question got bogged down in comments about obeying the rules of the road and don't take anyone with you who is anti gun. Lets get it back on track......
thank you locnload

this thread has been hopelessly derailed from my original post, thanks for the nudge to put it back on track.

from my OP:
Originally Posted by Koda94
This is just more of a curiosity to what others in the CCW community think about this situation.
, I never asked for advice...

Originally Posted by locnload
So, how can you discretly follow the law and not sell yourself out?
My sugestion would be to hand the officer my CCW permit with my license and quietly say that I would like to speak with him in confidence, and hope he is not a jerk. Any other real ideas?
this is the best suggestion yet. It may also be the only real practical solution.
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