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It seems the original question got bogged down in comments about obeying the rules of the road and don't take anyone with you who is anti gun. Lets get it back on track and supose for a minute that any one of us could find ourselves in the position of being required by law to inform an officer of your CCW but not wanting to reveal it to your passengers. Say for example you work for a company that says you are not allowed to have a firearm on company property, with the possiility of termination as a result. Its largely a CYA policy on the part of the company and they are very unlikely to have any legitamate reason to search your private vehicle anyway, so you lock your pistol in your car when you go to work and keep your mouth shut. One day a small group of you, including your supervisor decide to go out to a local resturant for lunch, and since you have the only vehicle with enough seating for all, you are elected to drive. You get pulled over for whatever reason. If you obey the law you risk making it known in the presence of your supervisor, that you are violating company policy by having a gun in your vehicle on company property. So, how can you discretly follow the law and not sell yourself out?
My sugestion would be to hand the officer my CCW permit with my license and quietly say that I would like to speak with him in confidence, and hope he is not a jerk. Any other real ideas?
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