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Re the double-talk one sees/hears from Obama et al, the following leaves me curious.

They seem to have a plethora of time and energy to go on and on over and about the fairytale that is gun control, which has yet to deliver, anywhere, on it's promises.

All the while, re the criminality of The Financial Sector, 14 U.S. banks admitted illegalities re their home mortgage operations earlier this week. In addition, within the last couple of weeks, UBS pled guilty to a felony charge, regarding it's "cooking the books" at LIBOR (London Iterbank rates). earlier on, other U.S. banks admitted doing the same thing.

There has been, from the Obama DOJ, nothing in the way of criminal prosecutions of the responsible parties, the highest levels of management at the involved banks.

As noted though Obama et al have oodles of time and energy to waste on the fairytale that is Gun Control. Funny isn't it?
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