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I mostly am looking for a clean burn and accurate load. Soft shooting is nice with some pistols but it has to cycle properly.
like i said for plinking loads i load to the minimum RELIABLE load. if i can shoot a 3.8 gr load reliably vs a 4.2 gr that might have yielded slightly better results (and please with handgun who can really tell if it's the ammo or just too much coffee or the hangover perhaps) i am going to go with 3.8 gr. after 1000 rounds i thats 400 gr of powder saved. thats enough for over 100 more rounds.

so yes, i am currently skimping powder for minimum reliability on plinking ammo. i wish i had money to burn but i don't. not saying everyone else needs to or even wants to. but it's friggin' crunch time out there fellas, waste not want not.

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