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Originally Posted by AndyWest
How to define difficult relative to pretty much everything else? Number of steps? Tools recommended by the manual? Tools actually needed? Likelihood of scratching something? Maybe telekinetic powers to manipulate internal parts as you reassemble it, which is even harder than takedown. Cleaning difficulty? Holy nooks, crannies, and angles!
It always cracks me up when someone posts a comment like this. Reassembling a Mark pistol is like changing the oil in your car. The first time you do it, you might have to stop and think for a moment or two, but after the third time, you can do it with your eyes closed. Some people will never be able to change the oil in their car, but most of us can do it with ease.

You dont need telekinesis to point the muzzle skyward, and pull the trigger at the same time, while closing the mainspring housing. If you truly cant do this, google Majestic Arms Speed Strip Kit.
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