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I don't think he was attacking you at all.
He wasn't attacking me. However, I believe that this line:
Get off your ass and get involved in the fight to save our 2nd Amendment rights. Open your wallet, spend some money so you can keep your guns.
in particular was rather uncalled for, and basically comes off as saying that Pete has done nothing to help preserve his rights.

These lines:
I and many others have written our senators, congressmen to let them know we will oppose any more gun laws. Have you?

Have you joined the NRA?

I've been a member for 30 yrs. but sent a $250:00 donation last month and another $250.00 donation on Tuesday.
do nothing to help the OP with his question and rather condemn his line of thinking as pointless.

Finally, this line:
The premise of your post just accepts defeat.
was mainly what I was adressing. the OP is discussing possible outcomes. It had nothing to do with capitulating. It's like me eating healthy now because I may have to worry about high colesterol in the future. I hope I don't, I haven't given up on a healthy lifestyle, but I still acknowledge it as a possiblity to prepare for. It seems on the forum that as soon as anyone mentions that there is a possibility of changes to our gun laws they are instantly told that they should be doing more to fight.

Don't get me wrong, fighting for your rights is what we should all be doing. I fail to comprehend how acknowledging the fact that our rights may change is a bad thing. No plan survives contact with the enemy. My plan to keep my gun rights intact is not assured, so I prepare for other possible outcomes as well.

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