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I've been through half a dozen 9mm and .380 pistols with my wife trying to find a sub compact gun she will actually carry with confidence. She has two Ruger revolvers (SP and GP, both in .357) and also shoots a couple of my commander size STI 1911s, but all are to big for carry. A few weeks ago I got her a .380 Kahr. A buddy at work carries a Kahr in 9mm and swears by it and the brand appears to have a good reputation. Big mistake. It didn't last two weeks. Difficult to rack, too much recoil, and in general just not very comfortable in the hand. Traded it in for a Sig P238 and....EUREKA!!! Success at last. She loves it it. Feels great in the hand, easy to rack and a very soft shooter for a sub compact .380. It's also amazingly accurate for such a small pistol. While we haven't had it for long I would recommend one without hesitation.
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