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I didn't vote because I could have easily gone with anything from the first gun on your list through the BHP. However, if it was me, and you were including CCW on your list of uses, I would prefer the smaller full-size and larger compacts for a one gun that does it all. My choices would run Commander sized 1911 instead of a full-size, SIG P220 Carry instead of the P220, or the SIG P229 instead of the 226. The Glock 19 fits this niche well, but I'm not big on striker fired pistols. If it was me with your list of guns, and I wanted to consolidate to one, I'd trade everything on a Commander sized 1911 (I love my S&W 1911SC), SIG 220 Carry, or a 229. Most likely, I'd either pick the P220 Carry or a .40S&W 229 (though 9mm would make for cheaper range practice) so as not to have to worry about an external safety for carry and home defense.
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