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If Feinstein, Obama and the rest get their way don't plan on even being able to buy anykind of black rifle that hasn't been severally neutered. Pull up the planned AWB she plans to propose. The media is feeding to the "evil of guns" hype really bad right now. (IMO to help it further the anti-agenda.)

My hope for now is that at least certain parts of it won't pass but it looks like some seriously bad stuff is going to be passed.

Without getting too political, I truly feel that Obama will strip away as many of our rights as possible and his followers (like Feinstein and Biden) will do everything they can to do remove our tools to defend those rights. All at the financial expense of Americans who's GRANDPARENTS HAVEN'T even been born yet.

Tough times are ahead my friends.
Sic Semper Tyrannis
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