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Two Old Dogs,

OK, I'm getting old/er. I found a listing. See:
Pistolet automatique modèle 1935A (Automatic Pistol Model 1935A) or Modèle (Mle.) 1935 A

For the life of me I thought and still do, that the mag release was on the butt.

Looks like I have higher standards for pistols than the French did in the 30s.

The "7.65mm French Longue, 7.65 mm Long, 7.65mm MAS, 7.65×20mm, and 7.65L) was a straight, rimless cartridge used in the French Modèle 1935 pistol" was something I couldn't just pick up in the sporting good section of Red X in the summer/fall of 1972.

Thinking about it now, it's a wonder I didn't kill myself pushing .355 bullets down a 32ish caliber barrel! Oh, to be young again......

Thanks for the trip down memory lane. Time for meds, BP and take sugar readings.


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