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2. Your powder charges with H110 are too light.

Hodgdon's website shows, for 158-gr. XTPs, a MINIMUM load of 15 grains and a maximum load of 16.7.
The data was taken from Hornady's 5th ed., and had a start load of 12.7gr and a max load of 15.6 .....

... and on the line right above it, they have a start load of 12.4 to max of 16.0 for WIN296, though everybody here seems to know that these are the same powder......

I'm thinking that you've got a revolver with oversized chambers.
I've never had a problem with any other load bulging cases .... I've used BlueDot, Power Pistol, and 2400, in addition to several premium personal defense loadings in .357, as well as BlueDot, RedDot, 700X, Unique, vN-340, and Power Pistol in .38Spec and .38Spec+p loads in that same gun. I've had many cases split at the mouth, but no bulges at the case head, other than the H110 load.
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