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Two Old Dogs,

Not sure just what it was. I got it from the Sheriff I was working for.

It was a simple blow back auto loader with a single column detachable magazine. Mag release on the bottom of the grip. Reminded me of the cheap little Berettas only this was not in .32 or .380 auto. The bore was about .35 cal (I used soft cast 9MM bullets). The brass, well I didn't have any so I did my best to make it. Thicker/fatter than standard 9MM and longer. The finish was black paint on steel, could have been a alloy. All marking were in what I believe to be French. On the side of the slide in larger letters was "M.A.S. 35" and I never found a serial number. The grips actually felt good, hard black rubber with worn checkering molded in. I figured it to be a pre WW2 French made weapon. I dough that it would pass any military standards, a guessing speculation.

As I remember I ended up with 3 cases that would chamber and loaded them 2 or 3 times each. I ended up single feeding them. Didn't trust that pistol enough to load very warm, they were weak loads. I don't trust junk guns very much.

This was early 1970s and that Sheriff is long dead now, Nice guy too.

So what was it? I always called it a MAS 35. I know I don't have any photos but may have some data. I'll look around. Don't hold your breath, I'm a pack rat.


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