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In Michigan - it was the same way a week an a half ago when I was there and in several LGS. I'm now out in AZ for the rest of the winter - same story here. I was in Sportsman's Warehouse in Tucson yesterday - they had a shipment of CCI 22 mini mags come in and i was hoping to pick up about a 1,000 rounds as I shoot my 22s now more than anything else due to ammo prices. Their shipment came in but customers were limited to two boxes (2 - 100 round boxes). When I was there people were two and three deep at the handgun counter and there must have been 40 to 50 waiting for service. Shotgun ammo was jumping off the shelves as well.

Like you, I've been looking to pick up another handgun - I've got my eye on several different 22 pistols. But, I'm not going to stand in long lines - especially when the models I'm looking for have consistently sold out at the shops I've looked in. As mentioned, once this all sifts out - there are going to be a lot of handguns and long guns that will be laying in night stands and leaned up in closets that will never be used. It's just kind of crazy.
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