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James K:

I once got called down on another site for saying that soldiers generally called the WWII rifle the "M1" rather than the "Garand". The other poster called me several kinds of names and questioned my intelligence, sanity and ancestry. So if one must cater to those folks and call the M1 rifle a "Garand", why not call the M1 carbine a "Williams"?
During the five years or so in which I was issued/handled the rifle, it was always referred to as "your rifle" or the "M1". Nobody in any outfit in which I served had any idea who John C. Garand was. As to the carbine, they were referred to as "the Carbine." (Most of ours were the M2) We also were issued the "B.A.R." and the "Grease Gun."


Sergeant: "What is the nomenclature of this rifle?"

Soldier: "This is the US Rifle, caliber .30, M1."

Sergeant: "Describe this rifle."

Soldier: "The US Rifle, caliber .30, M1 is a semi-automatic, gas operated, air cooled, clip loaded, self feeding shoulder weapon."

That from over fifty five years ago!

Bob Wright
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