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First Pete, I don't plan on any new gun laws being enacted.

I and many others have written our senators, congressmen to let them know we will oppose any more gun laws. Have you?

Have you joined the NRA?

I've been a member for 30 yrs. but sent a $250:00 donation last month and another $250.00 donation on Tuesday.

The premise of your post just accepts defeat.

Get off your ass and get involved in the fight to save our 2nd Amendment rights. Open your wallet, spend some money so you can keep your guns.

You can join the NRA for the price of a box of ammo.
Coltman, are we not allowed to make plans for both positive and negative outcomes? Yes, we are doing what we can to fight the changes, but I see no flaw in planning on how we may have to cope in the future. It's pretty much common sense; you don't put your eggs all in one basket. I applied to three or four colleges, not just the one I wanted in case I didn't get exactly what I hoped for. Am I causing an issue that I keep a jack and a spare tire in my car even though I do maintainance on my car to keep it in tip top shape? The whole reason most of us carry guns is in case the best possible outcome doesn't happen; forgive us for looking at everything else the same way.

Attacking someone because he is looking at all the possible outcomes of a situation is extremely unhelpful, and honestly doesn't promote any meaningful conversation.
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