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Well I keep most of my guns and ammo in the same safe together. But I also went with a very high rated fire safe. Which I think is worth every penny for the piece of mind. I also have young kids which my 2 boys if they had the chance to go inside probably would but the safe cant close or lock itself with the handle in the open position at least I dont think so. But how I avoid them going inside of it is if Im standing there with the door open its fine if I have to leave I lock the safe I dont care what I have to do. I lock it before I leave to room.
Now with the gun to the head and being told to open the safe, I have 2 out of the kids reach even on a chair they couldnt get them but they are in reach for me just in case I need them for protecting me and my family and I also have a nice size dog as a first
But that is just my thoughts. Good Luck.
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