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Looking for my first rifle


I have various handguns and shoot regularly at my local indoor range. I was just invited to join the local gun club and they have an outdoor range. So I would like to buy a rifle.

I don't know much about rifles and am looking for one just about exclusively to be used for target shooting (up to 300 yards). If I decide to buy one in the future for hunting, etc., I'll explore that option another time. For now, I'd like a rifle that will be very accurate up to 300 yard (or more), but with a caliber that isn't too expensive.

Also, I am very lanky and so have trouble angling my neck low enough to see through the rear sight while the butt is against my shoulder. For example, I cannot fire a standard AR-15 with its sight mounted in its carrying handle. That still is too low even with the butt extended as far as it goes.

Given the price of ammo, I would also want the cheapest round out there that has the ballistics I'm looking for. For example, if I were only shooting up to 200 yards, I would be very happy with a .17 HMR. But its drop becomes too much after 200/250 yards.

.223 seems like a reasonable option, unless there is a cheaper round without much more of a drop rate.

As for cost, I'm thinking up to $750, but would prefer a fairly cheap option (ideally, more like $300-$500) as my first rifle. After learning more about what works for me, I would then be more willing to invest in a more costly rifle.

Please post a few suggestions.

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