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Does Walmart make up it's own gun sale rules?

New guy here. Great forum by the way.

Did some searches and couldn't find anything in particular about this issue.

Was at a local WW, live in Virginia, to get a 10-22 they had.

Pulled out my VA CC permit and driver's license and the clerk says the driver's license must have my street address on it. It has a PO Box only. My CC permit has my street address.

Well at the time I didn't know if he was right or wrong. I thought he was wrong because I have had no trouble at all buying any guns in the last few years with these IDs, most which have been pistols.

So I go home. Do my research on the federal and VA forms. We have to do both in VA.

I wasn't sure what the problem was but when I go back with my license and registration and CC permit and I still get told, by another clerk, that the driver's license has to have a street address, nothing else will work.

Do you think I am at all happy at this point?

I go home. Do MORE research. I even call the Virginia Firearms Transaction Center to ask about the issue.
The officer says Walmart is wrong, that I can supply other documentation to verify my street address. I tell him I did but all they would say is the driver's license HAD to have the street address. They never said other documentation was ok.
He told me I could have them call the VFTC number but I really think nothing will matter to them, that they are going to do what THEY want to do.

I call the DMV to see if I can add my street address to my driver's license....

They say no, that my primary mailing address must be on it.
Even though I can get my vehicle registration with BOTH!

Can you imagine my frustration?

My wife shows my her license and it has BOTH. I call DMV again. They still say they can't do it NOW.


So why the big deal about getting the 10-22 at WW? My wife works for WW and I can get 10% off is a good reason, also I knew the 10-22 would be snapped up if someone found out they had it.

And now it IS gone.

To compound things I go to a gun shop and a WW in NC near where I work and they say with my documentation they can sell long guns to me. Get that. I can't buy in a WW near me in my home state but can in the next state south. What BS.

Of course neither the NC WW or shop has the 10-22 I wanted.

Any similar things with anyone?

I probably will not worry with that particular WW again but I want to make them eat their words so b-a-d. I might question them again. Might even ask for a manager. I just feel like it's something I need to do even if I don't buy, just to let them know I know they are wrong and the VA State Police says they are wrong. Yeah I know they won't give a flip but you know how it is.

I also want to go to the local DMV, not the state office and see if they will add my street address to my driver's license just so I will have everything I need if ever the urge hits to buy at this particular WW again, although I think I'd rather just visit the NC store.

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