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What "quality" issues are you referring to?
* Sears wear quicker than many other pistols I've owned. I suspect the steel used is a little softer than in some more expensive guns.
* The ambidexterous mag button mechanism also wears... metalic shaving, over time, can corrupt and prematurely wear the parts.
* the plastic used in the grip is cheap and will not hold up to some modern cleaners. CZ82/83 wood grips tend to crack. The single screw puts to much pressure on the wood I think.
* The finish is utilitarian. Nothing wrong with that per se, but CZ does not put a long lasting, space-age type durable finish on this gun. Compared to Bruniton, HK's HE, Nitron and other finishes common today, the CZ is lacking.
* Beware of parts falling out when removing the grips. I'd call that a design flaw.

I'm not saying it's a bad gun, or that one shouldn't own one. A comparative question was asked and I answered based on my owning and personally using and comparing them. I've purhased 2 CZ82s, a CZ83, several Sig 230/232s and three Beretta 84/85s so I have some ability to discuss the three I mentioned.

Comparatively... the Beretta is the best, followed by the Sig, followed by the CZ... IMHO. I'm just sharing my experience. I hope the OP has a great experience with his CZ83. One thing is is, it is reliable.
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