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Oh I'm stocked...I make sure of that


I understand what you mean. But I was taking about UN-planed if it was the only thing you had.

I also understand this could be a confusing thread, but I see WAY more silly threads posted, so I didn't see the harm in asking. Honestly, if disaster really struck....and I had to grab a bug out bag and go...I'd probably be reaching for my 30-30, or maybe one of the ARs. This was just something I posted to simply ask "would it do the job", silly I know.

I do think it odd that some people swear by particular guns or calibers to "carry in the woods" or "around the ranch" to handle anything from rats to badgers...but when asked about using that same thing in an emergency situation...It all changes to "oh no...not that at's completely wrong for need a .458 lott minimum for anything bigger than a muskrat .....oh well. I got my answer.
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