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Richards Microfit Thumbhole grip issue & fix

Hi folks, I thought I would post this about the Richards Microfit straight line style thumb hole stocks. The first one I built for a guy, I had a heck of a time getting them to send the right stock. After 2 stocks that were either cut for the wrong trigger guard or the thumb hole was hoged out way, way too much, months later I got a stock with no hole cut as requested. It turned out nice because now I could fit the grip to the guy's hand. This is that one.

Now a couple of years go by and I get another job fitting another straight line TH from them with the same rediculously hollowed out pistol grip. Iv never seen such a poor patterned thumb hole. It was like griping a broom stick handle in the web of your hand. I should have done a befor pic but didnt think of it. The guy didnt like the grip either but it took 7 months for them to cut this one for a CZ 572 so it was hump it up as best I could.

The peg added about 1/3rd diameter to the grip and alowed me to shape a nice uniformly tapered grip that put just the right amount of finger tip on the trigger. Otherwise, the Richards cut grip was terrible! Heres the finished grip,

Now dont get me wrong on Richards, Iv gotten some decent semi's from them that could not be beat for the price, but there are some stinkers to. In this particular case, I would ALWAYS order a straight line unit with no hole cut. Just sayin....

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