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Bart B: Use one that has bushings to make the neck size just right
One of the reasons I got away from the Forster bushing neck sizing operation was that as the cases aged, the neck tension became inconsistent (brass flow thickening the brass at the neck). Could feel it in the press and measure it with the calipers. That's why I went back to the Lee Collet. I'm not expecting these cases to last forever being mixed bag... but.. I'd like them to go at least 4 or 5 loadings before I buy new brass.

m&p45acp10+1: The collet die would be a waste with an AR
Not suggesting that I neck size only. Was saying that for concentricity and consistent neck tension, the Lee Collet works best on my .308. Is there some other reason you say it's a waste of time or was it a misunderstanding?

It's a rather accurate 20" Varmint Upper; shot 1 moa with factory stuff this weekend. Would like to repeat or improve upon if at all possible. There shall be no spraying.

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